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When Dan Silveira is diving, he wants quality. That is why he chooses the best Equipment .

 Dan is a Sponsored diver for Omer and has bagged many of his best catches using their Products. Here is a photo of Dan with a 35 pound yellowtail speared off the channel islands. The photo was used in the 2009 Omer Catalogue.

Here are some of Dan's recent spearfishing achievements:
He is the youngest diver to ever win the Pacific Coast Championships four times in a row.   

  •     1st place USA Nationals 2013
  •     1st place USA Nationals 2012
  •     1st Place: Triton X 2011
  •      1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2010
  •     1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2009
  •     1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2008
  •     1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2007
  •     Diver for the 2010 USA spearfishing team in the WORLD                CHAMPIONSHIPS in Croatia
  •     2nd place United States 2008 Nationals in Rhode Island    
  •     3rd place United States 2009 Nationals Team - Malibu
  •     1st place Noyo Harbor Cen-Cal Competition
  •     1st Place Randy Fry Memorial Tournament
  •     1st Place Mote Creek Nor-Cal Free divers Competition
  •     1st place Coral Street Nor-Cal Competition
  •     1st Place Alternate team member 2007 US Nationals
  •     2nd Place Yellow Tail Open, Mexico
  •     2nd Place Albion Cen-Cal Competition
  •     2nd Place Coral Street Cen-Cal Competition

  • Best Catches:
  •     350 pound BSB
  •     300 pound Marlin
  •    190 pound Yellowfin Tuna
  •     150 pound Dog Tooth Tuna
  •     115 pound Sail Fish 
  •     90 pound Wahoo
  •     80 pound Rooster fish 
  •     86 pound Amber jack
  •     70 pound Giant Travelli 
  •     62 pound white seabass 
  •     58 pound Cubera Snapper    
  •     52.5 lb World Record Halibut
  •     49 pound Yellowtail
  •     37 lb World Record Lingcod
  •     10 lb World Record Vermillion Rockfish
  •     Two of Dan's favorite days included one day spearing 8 BIG WAHOO (all in 4 hours), and the other day he bagged 4 MASSIVE Yellowfin Tuna (3 of which were over 100 pounds)!!!

Omer and Sporasub are both owned by Aqualung. They are in the same arena of quality  performance, and comfort. I am proud to use both lines of equipment. 

Here is a photo of Dan with a large Yellowfin Tuna shot with a Sporasub one slip tip.

In the freediving world, we know that Carbon fiber is notonly a refined and beautiful product, but it also offers the best performance to output ratio. Light weight and responsive. For this reason, I choose C4 for their top performing fins and spearguns maid from T7000 carbon. 

Shore diving is something I never really enjoyed because I never had the proper dive board to secure my gear. I am proud to say that I now love shore diving due to the Banks board developed by John Banks. It is the perfect combination: durable, light weight, easy to carry, lots of flotation, and plenty of storage!

When I am Scouting I need to record every piece of data, and that is why I use Liquid Image HD video masks to get the job done. I am proud to be sponsored by this outstanding company and I fully believe that their products have helped me become a more successful hunter.  

YouTube Video

Here is some video I shot with the LIQUID IMAGE camera mask:


Octopus attacks Crab in Malibu

Malibu Freedive - Sharks and Kelp

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