Dan Silveira


Dan Silveira

USA National Spearfishing Champion

    I have been diving, freediving, and spearfishing for the past 15 years, but the last few years I have been competing at the professional level. While I spend much of my time spearfishing, I also spend a great deal of time as a scuba instructor, professional underwater cinematographer, and photographer. My spearfishing background is deeply rooted in my ancestors. My family is from the Azores Islands of Portugal where spearfishing is a way of life. I have a passionate drive to see this sport grow. I am currently sponsored by multiple top diving related companies, in which I am featured in their catalogues, brochures, web sites, and PR in magazines. One of my sponsors is Omer, which is the largest spearfishing company operating today. I use their equipment in competitions, and promote their gear on a daily basis. I guide divers all over the world in search of monster fish and even write articles for six global magazine publications including Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine. In my articles, I consistently incorporate product placement into my photos and articles. 


Here are some of my recent spearfishing achievements:

World Competitions:

·       Diver for the USA freedive spearfishing \Worlds Competition

·       2010 Croatia – 43rd out of 64 competitors

·       2013 Peru – placed 33rd out of 67 competitors

National Competitions:

·       1st place USA National Championships 2013 – kings beach, Rhode Island. (Team)

·       3rd pace USA National Championships 2013 – kings beach, Rhode Island. (Individual)

·       1st Place USA National Championships 2012 - Albion, Ca. (Individual and Team) (Individual biggest fish award / Lingcod = 21st century world record)

·       2nd place United States 2008 Nationals in Rhode Island (Individual)

·       3rd place United Stated 2009 Nationals Malibu, Ca. (Team)

·       All American Dive team 2012 (Individual)

·       All American Dive team 2008 (Individual)


Regional competitions:

·       1st Place: Cen - Cal Team of the year 2012 (Individual and Team)

·       1st place Triton X tournament 2011 (Individual) 

·       1st Place: Cen - Cal Team of the year 2011 (Individual and Team)

·       1st place individual Cen-Cal Nationals qualifier 2011, Black Butte lake (Individual and Team)

Pacific Coast Championships:

·       1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2007 (Individual and Team)

·       1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2008 (Individual and Team)

·       1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2009 (Individual and Team)

·       1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2010 (Individual and Team)

Regional competitions continued:

·       1st Place Fort Ross competition 2011 (Team)

·       1st place Athlete of the year Cen-Cal 2011(Individual)

·       1st Place Cen - Cal Team of the year 2010 (Team)

·       1st place Noyo Harbor Cen-Cal Competition 2008 (Individual)

·       1st Place Mote Creek Nor-Cal Freedivers Comp 2007(Individual)

·       1st place Coral Street Nor-Cal Competition 2007 (Individual)

·       1st Place team scout diver 2007 US Nationals (Team)

·       1st Place Randy Fry Memorial Tournament 2006(Individual)

2nd place score regional comp. cont.

·       2nd Place Fort Ross Cen-Cal Competition 2011(Individual)

·       2nd place athlete of the year Cen-Cal (Individual)

·       2nd Place Yellow Tail Open, Mexico 2008(Individual)

·       2nd Place Albion Cen-Cal Competition 2007(Individual)

·       2nd Place Coral Street Cen-Cal Competition 2007(Individual)


21st Century world Records:

·       2011 - Halibut, California - 50.9 lbs.

·       2012 – Lingcod, 37 lbs.

·       2013 – Vermillion rockfish, 10.01 lbs.


Community Contributions:

·       2011 Dan became a Level 1 and Level 2 freediving instructor and has been actively teaching freediving through Freediving Instructors International ever since.


Featured diver and writer for several top magazines:

·       Hawaii Skindiver

·       Deep World Wide

·       Spearing

·       NZ Spero

·       Pescasub

·       Apnea

·       Pacific Sport fish

·       Featured spearfishing athlete article in Lufthansa Airline inflight elite magazine (estimated reach – 1 million people)


Video contribution:

·       3rd place, 2013 Blue Wild spearfishing video competition


·       Video Producer for Harbor House Life with global presence: Discovery china, Travel Channel China, Social media, etc.


Dive industry:

Currently Sponsored by:

·       5 years working for Wallins diver center, and leading trips

·       7 years with O.ME.R / Sporasub

·       6 years with Liquid Image Cameras

·       3 years with Ocean Kayak

·       3 months with Light & Motion


Trade shows appearances:

·       DEMA

·       Blue Wild

·       Fred Hall

·       Sportsmans Expo


(Above) Dan Silveira ascending from 143 feet during a training dive.

Best Catches:

World Records:

    51.5 lb California Halibut - 2011 

    37 lb California Lingcod - 2012

    10.01 lb Vermillion Rockfish - 2013

Notable Catches

205 pound Yellowfin Tuna, and many more

95 lb bluefin tuna

115 pound Sail Fish (15 pounds shy of the world record)

160 pound Dog Tooth Tuna, and many more

80 pound Rooster fish (World record size, but not recorded at the time)

78 lb White seabass and many others

70 pound Giant Travelli

90 pound Wahoo and many others

50 pound Dog Snapper

80 pound Amber jack and many others

Two of my favorite days included one day spearing 8 BIG WAHOO, and theother day bagging 4 MASSIVE Yellowfin Tuna; 3 of which were over 100pounds!

I have also caught many Large Grey snapper (Uku), Long Nose Emperor,  Dorado, Yellowtail, White Seabass, Halibut,Lingcod, and Jacks.

Side note: These fish I caught were a result of hundreds of hours diving, scouting, and preparation. Many days, I do not to spear anything because I choose to be selective.

Freedive / Scuba Video and Photo work:

I currently work at the director of travel and video production manager for Harbor House Life. When on location, I work behind the camera. 

Harbor House Life webpage:

Harbor House Life Youtube channel: