Dan Silveira 2010 Worlds Spearfishing


Dan Silveira

USA National Spearfishing Champion

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    I have been diving, freediving, and spearfishing for the past 15 years, but the last few years I have been competing at the professional level. While I spend much of my time spearfishing, I also spend a great deal of time as a scuba instructor, professional underwater cinematographer, and photographer. My spearfishing background is deeply rooted in my ancestors. My family is from the Azores Islands of Portugal where spearfishing is a way of life. I have a passionate drive to see this sport grow. I am currently sponsored by multiple top diving related companies, in which I am featured in their catalogues, brochures, web sites, and PR in magazines. One of my sponsors is Omer, which is the largest spearfishing company operating today. I use their equipment in competitions, and promote their gear on a daily basis. I guide divers all over the world in search of monster fish and even write articles for six global magazine publications including Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine. In my articles, I consistently incorporate product placement into my photos and articles. 


Here are some of my recent spearfishing achievements:

-Diver for the USA freedive spearfishing Pan American Games and Worlds Competition

1st Place USA National Championships 2012 - Albion, Ca (Individual and Team)

1st Place: Cen - Cal Team of the year 2012 (Individual and Team)

1st place Triton X tournament 2011 (Individual) 

1st Place: Cen - Cal Team of the year 2011 (Individual and Team)

1st place individual Cen-Cal nationals qualifier - black Butte lake (Individual and Team)

-First, and youngest, diver to ever win the Pacific coast championships Four times in a row.

1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2007 (Individual and Team)

1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2008 (Individual and Team)

1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2009 (Individual and Team)

1st Place: Pacific Coast Championship 2010 (Individual and Team)

1st Place: Cen - Cal Team of the year 2010 (Team)

2nd place United States 2008 Nationals in Rhode Island (Individual)

3rd place United Stated 2009 Nationals Malibu, Ca(Team)

1st place Noyo Harbor Cen-Cal Competition (Individual)

1st Place Randy Fry Memorial Tournament (Individual)

1st Place Mote Creek Nor-Cal Free divers Competition (Individual)

1st place Coral Street Nor-Cal Competition (Individual)

1st Place Alternate team member 2007 US Nationals (Individual)

2nd Place Yellow Tail Open, Mexico (Individual)

2nd Place Albion Cen-Cal Competition (Individual)

2nd Place Coral Street Cen-Cal Competition (Individual)

2nd place athlete of the year Cen-Cal (Individual)

All American Dive team 2008 (Individual)

(Above) Dan Silveira ascending from 143 feet during a training dive.

Best Catches:

World Records:

    51.5 lb California Halibut -2011 

    37 lb California Lingcod - 2012


175 pound Yellowfin Tuna

160, 150, 130, 120 pound Yellowfin Tunas

115 pound Sail Fish (15 pounds shy of the world record)

80 pound Dog Tooth Tuna, and many more

80 pound Rooster fish (World record size, but not recorded at the time)

70 pound Giant Travelli

90 pound Wahoo and many others

50 pound Dog Snapper

80 pound Amber jack and many others

Two of my favorite days included one day spearing 8 BIG WAHOO, and theother day bagging 4 MASSIVE Yellowfin Tuna; 3 of which were over 100pounds!!!

I have also caught many Large Dorado, Yellowtail, White Seabass, Halibut,Lingcod, and Jacks.

Side note: These fish I caught were a result of hundreds of hours diving, scouting, and preparation. Many days, I do not to spear anything because I choose to be selective.

Freedive / Scuba Video and Photo work:

    I have been leading many people on trips around the world to video their adventures. My photography has gained much attention, and one of my photos was used on the newest cover of National Divers catalog. I worked as a SCUBA instructor and sales associate for Wallins Dive center for 5 years, providing me with great insight to the industry.

I was published on “The Great Outdoors”


Dan Silveira, a diving instructor who's seen more ocean in the past few years than most people see in a lifetime, is the man behind our underwater camera. Do you want to document your next diving trip? Liquid Immersions will provide incredible footage of exotic sea life, spearfishing hunts, and your smiling face behind the regulator. (650) 619-8676.”

Special feature - underwater segment in a big wave surf film called “Ride On” by Powerlines productions.

Diver and underwater cinematographer for a segment on CNN International Newscalled “Deep Blue”. Camera used – Liquid Image HD Mask


I have also posted a couple videos on Youtube as a brief example of my work. I filmed, edited and narrated the entire films:

Business and Marketing:

    I have 2 degrees in business, one in Business Management and one in Marketing. I have been working with wholesale and retailers for 6 years, and enjoy the art of sales and marketing. The image I portray will be one of integrity and passion for a growing sport. I follow the Fish and Game regulations fully and advocate the developing new regulations towards sustainable fishery resources, threw the support of the California “Recreational Fishing Alliance”.

Final Words: 

    As the sports of spearfishing, freediving, and SCUBA diving steps forward, we will continue to see technology influence oceangoing sports, the same way it has for traditional fishing and diving products. Already, the people who surround me on a regular basis, whether they are spearfishermen or SCUBA divers, they are starting to use the newest technology. This seems to be an upward trend that raises the standards of competitive freedive spearfishing today. I only choose the best equipment when I am diving. Good luck to everyone, and most importantly – I thank everyone that has helped me get to where I am today!!!

Dan Silveira

freedivingdan@yahoo.com or dan@spearfishingisnotacrime.com