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Underwater Kinetics HID Light Cannon 100

Light Cannon 100- Safety Yellow- Pistol Grip

The Light Cannon 100 was the world’s first alkaline-powered HID light and it is still the most popular. This light is revered among videographers and those who appreciate the clean and clear quality of its light. We’ve redesigned it to be energy efficient, providing a boost in brightness with no increase in battery usage. It is the brightest dive light available for your money.

Underwater Kinetics Nicad Battery Pack, Universal 8 C-Cell For Light Cannon 100, C8 Xenon, Sunlight C8 eLED, C8 eLED, C8 eLED Plus, AquaSun eLED Rechargeable

Retail price = $352 + Battery Pack $90 = $442


I am selling the light with an extra body casing for the light.

Underwater Kinetics SL6, SL4, Mini Q40

I am also selling:
1 Black UK SL6 light (new - never used)
2 Black SL4 Lights
2 Yellow Mini Q40 Lights

1 Black UK SL6 light: The SL6 is brighter than lights twice its length! The unique side-by-side battery configuration makes the 6 cell light only as long as a 3 cell light.
Retail Price = $63 ----- Selling price = SOLD - SOLD - SOLD

2 Black SL4 Lights: (Already Sold one) Most lights small enough to fit in your BC pocket lack a powerful beam. That’s why UK designed the SL4, a secondary light with the extensive reach of a bright beam that is still small enough to take anywhere. The xenon bulb also offers improved color clarity.
Retail Price = $51 ----- Selling price = SOLD - SOLD - SOLD

2 Yellow Mini Q40 Lights: The high intensity Mini Q40 is lightweight enough to attach to your mask strap for hands free illumination of gauges and close-up marine life. It outshines many lights three times its size. This light comes with a silicone strap that can be used to mount the light to the strap of your mask, for a hands free dive!
Retail Price = $36 ----- Selling price = $15 each

Do you want to add lights to your liquid Image mask?
I am also selling the matching 

4.7 watt LED lights that mount onto the mask with the corresponding mounting brackets.

4.7W Wide Angle Side Torch
130 Lumen 40 Degree
Includes Bracket Arm and
2 x CR123A Lithium Batteries

Retail Price = $90 each ----- Selling price = $20 each