John Modica 2010 Worlds Spearfishing


John Modica

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As a kid I spent every summer with my family at the Rhode Island Shore. It was then that I developed a passion for the ocean. When I was fourteen a neighbor introduced me to spearing. I loved it so much I would spend my entire summers harvesting fish for my friends and family. I was spearfishing enough to feed my whole family.

Over the years my interests in spearfishing have become more professional. At age 15, I started to compete for the free gear and never really considered myself competing against my friends but more of another day on the water with them. My friends and I also enjoyed competing in some of our local fundraiser tournaments. I didn’t consider taking competition to the next level until another local diver told Mike, Sean, and I that it would open opportunities to meet other divers, explore new waters, and gain recognition for our skills.A few months later the three of us won the 2008 U.S. Spearfishing Nationals at Kings Beach, Newport, Rhode Island.The following year we went to California to defend our title and although we didn’t take first again, the experience was one in a lifetime.

My position in the two nationals has brought me to the world team and the next step.I am looking forward to a great adventure with the team.

Tournament Results

2000 Picasso Open Rhode Island 1st Place

2001 Picasso Open Rhode Island 1st Place Junior at age 16 and 5th Place Overall

2005 Picasso Open Rhode Island 1st Place

2007 Massachusetts Invitational 6th Place

2007 Rhode Island Open 4th Place

2008 U.S. Nationals, Kings Beach, RI 1st Place Team

2009 U.S. Nationals, Malibu, CA8th Place Overall

2009 U.S. Nationals, Malibu, CA 6th Place Men’s Team

Personal Best Fish

58lb Striped Bass, Rhode Island

18 Striped Bass over 50lbs (Trophy fish)

65lb Brown Marbled Grouper, Fiji

12.5lb Tautog, RI

15lb Blue Fish, RI

45lb Narrow Barred Mackerel, Fiji


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