Pacific Coast Championships


4 Time Pacific Coast Champion Dan Silveira

Dan is the first person to ever win this title 3 times consecutively and he did it again for the 4th time!  

2010 PCC Champions!!! 

Al Schneppershoff Award for High Aggregate Score
 - Dan Silveira - Cencal -117.25
-1st Place Team = Dan Silveira, Harold Gibson, Paul Young

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Below is a YouTube video of Dan Silveira receiving his PCC's trophy for the 4th Time from National Champion Dennis Haussler.

Dan Silveira wins PCC's 4th

2009 PCC Champions!!!

Al Schneppershoff Award for High Aggregate Score
 - Dan Silveira - Cencal -106.5 pts
- Dan Silveira - Big fish- 16.30 lb Lingcod
-1st Place Team = Dan Silveira, Dave Edlund, Kale Pastel

 I want to especially thank everyone who came to this event - all those who were new to the PCC's and all those who helped out. My friend Jason Stark is an stellar Maverics big wave surfer who is also becoming a skilled freediver. He helped our team scout and practiced great discipline to not shoot any fish during scouting. Thanks Jason!!! I also want to congradulate Kale Pastel for winning 1st place team in his first ever spearfishing competition! It always brings me great joy to bring new divers into this sport. It is not only about spearing fish, it is about scouting and learning the fish. We spend countless hours mapping the ocean and diving without a speargun to finally take a few fish on the day of the event. I love competitive diving because it forces me to explore new areas with great detail that I wouln't have otherwise have known about.  

2008 Pacific Coast Champions

Dan Silveira - Dave Edlund - Paul Young

Pacific Coast Spearfishing Championships Results

Monday, September 22nd, 2008  ----------- Here are the results from this past Saturday’s Pacific Coast Spearfishing Championships at Cayucos, California.

Individual Awards:

Al Schneppershoff Award for High Aggregate Score
 - Dan Silveira - Cencal - 111.55 points

Team Awards:

•    1st Place Team -Cencal #1 (Dan Silveira ((center)) - 111.55, Dave Edlund - 81.25, Paul Young - 77.95) - 270.75 points
•    2nd Place Team - GLACD#1 (Mike Pender - 89.30, Dennis Haussler - 87.10, Rene Rojas - 75.60) - 252.00
•    3rd Place Team - Cencal #2 (Brock Kennedy - 52.65, Lou Galliazzo - 37.65, Dave Graham- 25.80) - 116.10

Big Fish:
Dan Silveira - Sheephead - 15.20 lbs.


Dave Edlund: "I enjoyed diving this new location and getting together with my diving friends from GLACD and Cencal. Thank you to Travis Tanaka of CA DFG and your great group of biologists who studied our catch for science. I would also like to thank my two team-mates, Paul and Dan for preparing so hard for this tournament and giving 100% in the water.  Dan, now has won two back-to-back Al Schneppershoff awards in two different locations and has out-scored quite a few IUSA Spearfishing Athlete’s of Year (Edlund, Rojas, Pender, Lim, Haussler, Ernst) in the process.  Not bad for a 23 year old!!!"

Dan Silveira:  It has been an honor for me to have dove with some of this sports greatest. I owe many thanks to the people who have taken time to show me the ropes of not only diving, but in many cases tournaments as well.
Here are just a few of the divers: Dwayne Dinucci (holds the 2nd largest red abalone in the World) > David Laird (producer of “Blue” diving the California’s) > Dennis Haussler (from 20 fathoms, IUSA athlete of the year 2000) > Dave Edlund (IUSA athlete of the year 2000) > Carl Krupansky (spearfishing legend, IUSA athlete of the year 1992) > Alan Spehar (IUSA athlete of the year 1993) > Mike McGuire (IUSA athlete of the year 1990) > Glen McGuire (IUSA athlete of the year 1995)

Also, special thanks to Tom Fiene and Carl Krupansky for their help scouting. We could not have done it without you!!!!

2007 Pacific Coast Champions

Paul Young, Joe Sarapochillo, Dan Silveira

Individual Champion and highest score: Dan Silveira 96.94 points

Dan Silveira 2007 Pacific Coast Champion With Bill Ernst (5 time Defending Champ)

Dan Silveira with Rene Rojas

Pacific Coast Champions
1953 - Present

YEAR - NAME -----LOCATION --------------------- PTS. 

2010 Dan Silveira Pico Creek (San Simeon) ----117.25 pts
2009 Dan Silveira Montana de Oro --------------106.5 pts
2008 Dan Silveira cayucos--------------------------111.5 pts
2007 Dan Silveira San Simeon--------------------96.94 pts
2006 Bill Ernst Cambria -----------------------------??.?
2005 Bill Ernst Cambria -----------------------------88.5 pts.
2004 Dennis Haussler Cambria -------------------85.16 pts.
2003 Mike Pender Cambria ------------------------48.16 pts.
2002 Dennis Haussler Cambria -------------------103.15 pts.
2001 Gerald Lim Cambria --------------------------118.6 pts.
2000 Bill Ernst San Simeon ------------------------142.50 pts.
1999 Allen Spehar San Simeon -------------------86.00 pts.
1998 Bill Ernst San Simeon ------------------------124.00 pts.
1997 Rene Rojas Cambria --------------------------72.00 pts.
1996 Rene Rojas San Simeon ---------------------85.40 pts.
1995 Mike Pender Cambria -------------------------90.00 pts.
1994 Brock Kennedy San Simeon -----------------30.30 pts.
1993 Allen Spehar San Simeon --------------------114.70 pts.
1992 Mike Pender San Simeon --------------------108.20 pts.
1991 Mike McGuire San Simeon -------------------89.00 pts.
1990 Glen McGuire San Simeon -------------------90.08 pts.
1989 Ralph Teiman San Simeon -------------------107.13 pts.
1988 Don Barthman N. Lighthouse San Simeon 94.00 pts.
1987 Gary Thompson San Simeon ----------------111.75 pts.
1986 Lee Tucker Albion -------------------------------55.00 pts.
1985 Gary Thompson San Simeon -----------------96.88 pts.
1984 John Ernst San Simeon ------------------------67.00 pts.
1983 John Ernst Leo Carillo N. ----------------------111.19 pts.
1982 Roy Irwin ? -----------------------------------------63.70 pts.
1981 Don Barthman San Simeon --------------------96.60 pts.
1980 Bill Ernst Leo Carillo N. -------------------------106.25 pts.
1979 Ralph Teiman ? -----------------------------------47.10 pts.
1978 Chuck Cook ? -------------------------------------69.50 pts.
1977 Brian Donnell Leo Carillo -----------------------92.94 pts.
1976 Terry Maas San Simeon ------------------------176.70 pts.
1975 Barry Wagner Montanya de Oro --------------77.66 pts.
1974 Canceled Red Tide -------------------------------00.00 pts
1973 Barry Wagner Montana de Oro --------------84.70 pts.
1972 John Ernst Paradise Cove, Malibu -----------106.44 pts.
1971 Bob Donnell Wind and Sea, San Diego -----??.?? pts
1969 John Ernst Aliso Beach, Laguna --------------91.19 pts.
1968 Roy Katin Leo Carillo -----------------------------113.12 pts.
1968 Al Schneppershoff Jr. Albion --------------------??.?? pts
1967 Don Evers Solona Beach, San Diego --------71.90 pts.
1966 Don Evers Aliso Beach Laguna ---------------161.10 pts.
1965 Terry Lentz Leo Carillo ---------------------------101.40 pts.
1964 John Ernst La Jolla -------------------------------117.00 pts.
1963 John Ernst Monterey -----------------------------80.00 pts.
1962 Mas Sadahiro Divers Cove Laguna ----------34.14 pts.
1961 Jim Baldwin Laguna Beach ---------------------??.?? pts
1960 Jay Riffe Monterey Bay --------------------------23.00 pts.
1959 Terry Lentz Avalon Catalina Is. -----------------38.14 pts.
1958 Terry Lentz Divers Cove Laguna ---------------23.00 lbs.
1957 Del Wren Divers Cove Laguna -----------------38.80 lbs.
1956 Howard Patton Laguna Beach -----------------34.80 lbs.
1955 Jim Perry Laguna Beach ------------------------21.13 lbs.
1954 Pat O’Malley Laguna Beach --------------------25.70 lbs.
1953 Jack Dudley Laguna Beach --------------------23.10 lbs.

San Simeon, CA 93452

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