U.S. Spearfishing Nationals


2009 U.S. National Freediving Spearfishing Championships!

Malibu, California, Leo Carrillo St. Beach

~ Cen-Cal 3rd place Team ~

           After scouting for 5 weeks, I learned more about Malibu then I would have ever expected. From diving every piece of kelp to playing volleyball with the local girls on the beach, Malibu is the place where "work" is a distant word of reality. The 2009 Nationals was tough - the moment the spearguns went off, the ocean turned into a barren wasteland. The fish retreated to safer grounds, and we were left scrounging for anything over 14 inches. My teammate Harold Gibson on the left took 2nd place with a great catch of sheephead, calicos, lingcod and more, Paul Young and I simply had to fill in the pieces and dive hard. I placed high enough to make it to the world team with a high accumulative score and I will be representing the US in the Worlds Spearfishing Championships in Croatia

         I want to congratulate Dennis Hausler for taking first place and for his team Justin Allen and Bob Humphrey for taking 1st place in such a tough competition.  Justin will also be competing with me in the worlds competition in 2010. 

For the complete story about the Nationals from the Champ click the link below:

Cen-Cal Nationals 09

Tournament Program:


More Photos from the 2009 Malibu spearfishing Nationals:


         I especially need to thank my sponsors for setting me up with the best equipment on the market. Thanks to OMER for all my spearfishing equipment and to LIQUID IMAGE for setting me up with HD video masks that allowed me to video every spot for review after the dive. Finally, I want to thank Bill Ernst for letting me stay at his house.

Here is some video I shot with the camera mask:


Octopus attacks Crab in Malibu

Malibu Freedive - Sharks and Kelp

I also had fun diving Point Dume and other local spots for White seabass and Halibut.

Above (Rene Rojas - Spearfishing legend - and I before the 2009 Nationals)

Till the next Adventure

Leo Carrillo State Park, Malibu


2008 U.S. National Freediving Spearfishing Championships! 

Rhode Island, Newport Beach

~ Cen-Cal 5th place Team ~

Joe Sarapochillo, Dan Silveira, Paul Young

2nd Place Individual Dan Silveira

74.8 Points


Captain Jack from East Coast Fishing Charters


Telephone: (401) 338-1752

Individual Scores:

Justin Allen 76.4 Points
*Dan Silveria74.8 Points
Joe Patzelt74.0 Points
Erick Salado73.4 Points
Sean Moreschi72.0 Points

Team Scores:
Palm Beach Freedivers 1st 181.0 Points
Mass Freedivers 2nd 170.8 Points
RI Freedivers 3rd 170.0 Points
Miami Freedivers 4th 167.0 Points
*Cen-Cal 5th158.4 Points

Biggest Fish: 

Andrew Geist 44lbs Striped Bass
Kimi Werner 33lbs Striped Bass (Photo to the Right)

Newport Beach, Rhode Island

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